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Maria Buchinger Foundation


In 1953, Maria Buchinger and her husband Helmut Wilhelmi, together with Maria’s father Dr. Otto Buchinger Sr., founded a fasting clinic in Überlingen on Lake Constance (Germany) that now treats 150 patients.

20 years later, a second clinic was opened in Marbella in Andalusia (Spain). These two facilities have produced three generations of doctors and employees, who have advanced fasting as a form of therapy, prevention and spiritual exercise. The founders’ work has achieved international renown and is now being continued with the help of the Maria Buchinger Foundation. This was founded by the Wilhelmi, Rohrer and de Toledo families one year after the death of Maria Buchinger in honour of their mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. The Maria Buchinger Foundation aims to promote research in therapeutic fasting with the help of donations and contributions and in cooperation with universities and similar institutions.

Our many years of experience have taught us the importance of fasting and therapeutic fasting for people’s health. Help us to further substantiate this healing method with scientific backing to give more and more people the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health.

Maria Buchinger Foundation